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The Basics of the Alexander Technique

Stresses and Strains

At work, at school, in the home, wherever you are, you're subject to stresses and strains of a daily routine. It's easy to allow the body to develop bad habits while the mind concentrates on other things. We end up performing a series of individual tasks while forgetting about the bigger picture - our own well-being.

This leads to a disconnection between the body and the mind, resulting in a lack of attention to how we use our body. Over time, we form bad habits. These unconscious habits include tensions and strains of mis-use and get reinforced through repetition until they feel natural. They become unconscious reactions to our daily lives.

The Alexander Principle

The Alexander Technique is a method of psycho-physical re-education. It's a process of learning to take conscious control over our actions and to prevent the excessive tensions that accompany our bad habits, interfering with the normal functioning of the mind and body.

One of the basic principles of the technique is not so much to learn how to do things right, as to stop ourselves from doing them wrong. We need to create a space where we can consciously choose our actions rather than just responding unconsciously to stimuli.

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