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Frederick Matthias Alexander has born in Tasmania in 1869; he was a successful actor and reciter whose career was cut short by loss of voice during performances.
With no help forthcoming from the medical profession, Alexander took an intensive examination of himself in action, convinced that the source of his voice problem lay in the way he thought about and used his body. A long period of research led him to discover certain principles affecting mind/body co-ordination applicable to every kind of mental and physical activity.
With this knowledge he went on to cure his own voice problem and found that he could also help others. It was at this point that teaching his method became the main focus of his life.
Alexander move to England in 1904 and during the next 25 years built up a practice in London and the USA. He had many influential supporters among whom were George Bernard Shaw, John Dewey, Aldous Huxley.
In 1931 he began training others to teach the technique and continued both his private practice and training school until his death at the age or 86.

Mathias Alexander
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